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Hourly Hero - Roy Gonzalez - R&R Specialties Painting
Roy Gonzalez
R&R Specialties Painting
San Jose, California
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Comprehensive Time Tracking solution for your business

Hourly delivers up-to-the-minute time tracking to help you stay on budget while monitoring employees' performance. Eliminate timesheet padding by only paying your employees for the hours and projects they work on, making your business more efficient. Quickly pull reports and calculate timesheets to automate and simplify your hourly employees.

Kiosk Time Clock

Fixed base location? Get a kiosk time clock with advanced security features. Data Service included, no networking or Internet required. Buy Now

Keep Everybody Honest

Hourly will help you track time accurately so your employees are paid only for their actual time at work.

Stay Compliant

Don’t wait to get audited and fined. Keep your team compliant with Hourly. Effortlessly stay on top of wage and hour rules.

Time Cards eSign

Your employees will review, approve and sign their timecards from their smartphones.

Time Tracking Features

Get real time geo-fencing alerts if employees are not where they are supposed to be.
Time Cards
Detailed time cards with regular and overtime hours, and location and task breakdown.
Job Costing
Be in the know with accurate job costing, broken down by location and tasks.
Real Time Alerts
Get real time alerts when employees clock in and out, switch location or get into overtime.
Track lunch breaks and overtime and let employees sign time cards from their phone.
Audit Logs
No more guessing. Hourly keeps an audit log for every time entry including edits.
Worry Free Payroll
Let Hourly do the heavy lifting. One click and your time cards will turn into paychecks.
Notes and Photos
Employees and managers can easily add notes and photos directly into shifts.
Supervisor App
Managers can add employees, locations and tasks and fix mistakes instantly.

Time Tracking Pricing

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